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I’m loving this chain fringed shirt with shoulder pads. I got it from Fover21 over a year ago, and its been hanging in my closet never worn. I guess I was feeling like a Spanish bullfighter.

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Yes, after so many attempts I finally got Alicia to let me post her outfit today! Although, she refused to show her face. 

Why are you being so mysterious, Alicia?  Is there something you’re not telling me? Are you a fugitive on the run?

Anyway, Alicia is wearing a cool stripped blazer from No Rest For Bridget, black skinny jeans from Windsor, H&M tank, belt from TopShop and Aldo pumps.

I’m wearing a printed dress from Forever21 and my shoes are from Mango.

If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow call the authorities; Alicia may have answered “yes” to one of my above questions.  Just kidding, Alicia, you’re the best!

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